Social enterprise

Punoh is a social business enterprise as well as being an internet-based store that sells new and rarely used, quality clothing and accessories.

Generally, social business enterprises are enterprises that reinvest profits to meet their social (welfare) goals. Although any business profit from Punoh will be used directly for social projects and extended social business, Punoh is not just another social business enterprise; it’s a completely new concept, breaking the mould for how social business enterprises can work.

Typically, social welfare is targeted towards helping the underprivileged. Punoh will push beyond this, creating opportunities for people at various economic levels. In the first instance, Punoh aims to improve the lives of poor and needy women through various income generating projects. But Punoh will also train and employ increasing numbers of staff as its activities expand. It will also help others gain some of the experience and skills needed in today’s competitive job market, notably by encouraging young writers to submit fashion tips and by giving amateur models some experience of real work.

Punoh also has two other dimensions that will help it meet its goals:

Punoh impacts the use of natural resources and helps reduce our obligation to our nature.

Every item of clothing that we wear has been made using materials extracted from nature. We therefore do an injustice to nature if we don’t fully utilise these clothes. Even if we choose not to use certain items of clothing, we shouldn’t stop others from getting pleasure from wearing them. is a platform for selling and buying such new and rarely used clothes and accessories. By allowing the public to access these clothes and accessories, Punoh will, in effect, create “new life from old”. The phrase used in Bangla and incorporated into the Punoh logo is “নবায়নের ছোঁয়ায় পূনঃ”

Punoh releases funds back into circulation.

By selling or donating your new or rarely used clothing, you are unlocking funds currently “locked away” in the closet or wardrobe. Thus, through Punoh, you are putting this money back to circulation, adding to national economic activity. Punoh also generates multiple layers of service in between selling and buying.

Punoh’s online store is initially focusing on women’s wear, offering fashionable and/or designer sharis, shelwar kamizes and accessories. The low tag value allows fashion conscious but budget limited individuals to indulge their own stylish dress sense. Items will also appeal to those seeking a bargain. Buying, selling or donating to Punoh reflects the fact that you are a socially, environmentally and economically conscious citizen.