Become a punoh model

There are a number of ways that you can volunteer your skills to help Punoh achieve its goals – becoming a Punoh model is one of them. More details below….

Become an amateur model for Punoh

If you live in Dhaka and are female, aged 18-35, you can apply to become a Punoh model. Punoh models will be invited to a photoshoot held in Dhaka. The modelling work is unpaid, but Punoh will also pay reasonable costs of travel. Photos will be exclusively used only on Punoh’s web sites, in printed matters and for marketing purpose only.

What happens at photoshoots?

You will be required to wear one of more outfits from the Punoh collection, and will be photographed in a number of poses as instructed by the photographer and stylist.(Feel free to bring some of your own accessories to the photoshoot, though these should not be valuable.)

Important note:

  • the photographer is one of the Punoh team and may be a male. You are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to the photoshoot if you feel uncomfortable with this. A female stylist will always be present at photoshoots.
  • Punoh cannot guarantee that you will be selected for a photoshoot.


    Upload your photo (.jpg files only, maximum size 200KB. Please send a recent full body photo of you in a normal daywear outfit. This picture will be used for selection purpose only and will not be published):