Become a punoh volunteer

There are a number of ways that you can help Punoh achieve its goals:

  • You can sell (or donate) your new and rarely used quality clothing and accessories via Punoh
  • You can buy outfits for yourself and/or gifts for others from Punoh
  • You can tell your friends, colleagues and families about Punoh.
  • You can visit our facebook page ( ).
  • You can follow us on twitter (@punohdotcom) and on other social media
  • You can give monetary donations to Punoh

You can also contact us if you have suggestions for the site, for projects or if you wish to collaborate with us in some way.



    Upload your photo (.jpg files only, maximum size 200KB. Please send a recent full body photo of you in a normal daywear outfit. This picture will be used for selection purpose only and will not be published):